What To Do If You Lost Your Car Keys On The Mountain?

So you have been enjoying a day on the mountain and you are ready to drive back to the cabin. Also you are freezing and tired and have no patience for not having your keys! They must have slipped out during an epic tamedog! Here are a few tips that we thought may be useful to you. First thing to do is check the lost and found.

A good Samaritan may have found your keys on their way down the slopes and turned them in. Maybe your boyfriend or family member may have a spare key set! Have them find you and save the day! So if that doesn’t work, you may need to take your year make and model with the title of your car into the dealership. The dealership should be able to make a replacement key and this will save you money!!

Maybe if you are unable to get the title or the year make and model, you won’t be able to get a dealership key made. At that point you can give us a call. So we will come directly to your location. Hopefully you are not vacationing alone or someone was able to cheer you up over hot chocolate while we arrive.

In a short time, you’ll be back in your vehicle and headed to that warm fire in your cabin! We can do key replacements FOB, key remakes, ignition repairs, duplication. So we can help you with transponder keys for newer vehicles not a problem at all. In the future, it is best to keep your keys on a lanyard. That way you when you are doing an epic mctwist or a tindy, your keys won’t get lost! In conclusion for more awesome snowboard moves check out this list: Epic snowboard tricks and terms.

How To Choose The Right Locksmith

Hello, My name is Bobby, a representative of Locksmith Bend, and I am going to take some time to help you make informative decisions when in need of a locksmith. Whether you call our company or decide to go with another local service, I would like to offer some insight on how to go about finding what is best for you. Many of our clients initially hear about is via word of mouth, but we do advertise through services such as the Yellow Pages, Google, & Yelp! We have even had customers call us after hearing about seeing our Facebook ads!

However, now that everyone has a smart phone, it is becoming the norm for people to simply turn to search engines, looking for local help for lockouts, new keys, and lock rekey.

It might seem like there are hundreds of local locksmiths in Bend to choose from, especially if you are using search engines such as Google or Bing to find service. However, finding a true, honest technician from a reputable company is like sifting through a haystack to locate the proverbially needle.

Many locksmith companies that you see on Google are not licensed!

We recommend doing a thorough investigation of any locksmith company that you come across. Some of the things to check before selecting a locksmith service are:

  1. Is the company licensed? First, I would like to define what I mean by this, since licensing depends on not only the city but the state as well. In Oregon, all locksmith companies are required to register with both the Secretary of State and the Construction Contractor’s Board (CCB for short). Bend also requires locksmiths to register with the City of Bend, located on 710 Wall St in Bend, Oregon. Therefore, a licensed locksmith in Bend, OR will need all three of these registrations in order to conduct proper business here.
  2. Is the company bonded & insured? To clarify, when a locksmith says he is licensed, bonded, and insured, it means they are able to complete any locksmith work that you require. Bonded means that unfinished or badly implemented work will be covered by a surety company, while insured means that accidental damage will be covered by the insurance company. This protects the consumers.

Locksmith Bend is local, licensed, bonded, and insured. We guarantee that our technicians are capable of automotive, residential, and commercial services. Please call us today at (541) 316-5625 for help or find out more about our licenses on our Locksmith Bend Verification page. We wish the best of luck with the hunt for an ideal locksmith!


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