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Locksmith Bend specializes in key duplication and key replacement services in the greater Bend, OR area.  Losing keys is an inevitable part of life, especially in the busy lives of hard-working people in the 21st century.  How many times has misplacing or breaking a key proven to have negative consequences for you or your loved ones?  Perhaps, you missed an important meeting with a client or you were late to the airport.  Even worse, if your key is stolen (or lost), the security of your home, business or car can be compromised.  Nobody wants a stray key to any form of their personal property be loose in the world.

If your key is stolen, however, key replacement services can benefit you.  However, we recommend taking advantage of our professional re key services.  Do you know where your key is, but you have no way to access it?  Perhaps, it is dangling in your car ignition, behind a locked a door.  Maybe, you left it on the counter when you went to check the mail.  You could have sworn you left the door unlocked!  Check our our lockout service page!  Locksmith Bend can get you back into your car, home, or business.  If you still cannot find that misplaced key, then please take advantage of our key replacement services.  We also recommend taking a look into our key duplication services in order to prepare for a locksmith emergency in the future.

Key Replacement Services in Bend, OR

Automotive Services

Losing or breaking a car key can cause delays in your busy schedule.  Trust Locksmith Bend to replace any broken or lost automotive keys.  Our automotive key replacement services are unparalleled in the Bend, OR area.  There are countless shapes and sizes of locks and ignitions.  Moreover,  a Toyota Tacoma 2006 will even be different than a Toyota Tacoma 2007.  This just reflects differences within the same maker.  Obviously, a professional locksmith must be aware of then the most subtle differences that exist in the many types of locks and ignitions that we service.  Therefore, having an extensive knowledge of the automotive lock and key industry is beneficial, no necessary, to being the best locksmith that one can be.

Our automotive locksmiths have all received extensive training, and they are fully certified to perform any key replacement or key duplication service that a client needs.  Many people proceed to replace or repair their lost or broken key by contacting their local vehicle dealership.  While this is always an option, Locksmith Bend has all the necessary tools and skills to replace high security and transponder keys as well.  Once you call our dispatchers at (541) 316-5625, they will contact the automotive locksmith team.  From there, the dispatcher will send the closest, available technician with the proper tools on hand.  Why go to your dealership when Locksmith Bend can come right to you without any of the extra expenses that many dealerships charge.

Did you break off your key in the ignition? This is no problem either.  Our automotive team can extract in no time.  Typically, this damages the ignition along with the key, so please check out our ignition repair page!  We can replace your key an repair in your ignition all in one trip!  Remember, all of our automotive services are backed by a 90 day written guarantee.  For more information on automotive key replacement services, please do not hesitate to call us!

Residential Services

Our residential locksmith team is here in Bend, OR, waiting to assist you with any residential lock and key needs you have!  Do you need to have a broken key replaced?  Perhaps, you lost your keyring, and you do not have any spares.  Well, good news, we can replace every key that you lost!  We can replace safe keys, garage door keys, deadbolt keys, etc.  Trust the professional residential locksmiths at Locksmith Bend to replace all of your house keys in as little time as possible!

Arriving home after a long day at work is a joyous event.  However, realizing that you lost your house key reverses every bit of the joy you just so recently felt!  Once we replace your key, we encourage you to take advantage of our key duplication service as well.  Locksmith Bend can make as many spare keys for you or your family as you need.  In the future, when you lose or break a key, you will have several backups, so you can get on with the rest of your day.

Commercial Services

Losing or misplacing the key to your place of business can be a disaster.  Do you have customers waiting to come inside?  Do not let a lost key tarnish the name of your business, as it might not ever fully heal.  Locksmith Bend consider many business locksmith services emergencies, and we prioritize them as such.  Give us a call today at (541) 316-5625, and we will send our commercial locksmith team to your location right away.  Not only can they replace any broken or lost keys that you need replaced, they have what it takes to quickly grant you access to your building.  If you need to take advantage of our commercial lockout service, please do not hesitate to do so.  Do not let a key replacement issue disrupt the flow of your business.  Let Locksmith Bend make your day a lot better!