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When you hire an expert to safeguard yourself, your family and your personal property, you’re entrusting them with your most valued possessions. You’d better make sure the locksmith you hire is professionally licensed, insured and bonded. Visit the links below to verify Locksmith Bend as a fully licensed, bonded and insured locksmith company operating in the City of Bend, OR, and the State of Oregon.

Oregon Secretary of State

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Locksmith Bend is your local branch of Locksmith Plus, Inc.

Please click here and search for Locksmith Bend to view our company information and registration status with the Oregon Secretary of State.

Oregon CCB

Please click here and search for Locksmith Plus, Inc. to view our license status with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB). *Note that Locksmith Bend is registered with the CCB as an ABN (Assumed Business Name) of Locksmith Plus, Inc. — you will not find a separate license for Locksmith Bend.

 Locksmith Bend Oregon CCB# 187736

Locksmith Bend — City of Bend

Contact the City of Bend if you would like to verify the business license status of Locksmith Bend.

City of Bend

710 NW Wall St.

Bend, OR 97701

(541) 316-5625

Bend Chamber of Commerce

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Locksmith Bend strives to support Bend’s local business economy! In addition to patronizing other local businesses for our company van magnets, customized clothing, graphic design, and more, we’re happy to be members of the Bend Chamber of Commerce. You can find our listing by clicking here and searching for Locksmith Bend.

Locksmith Bend Explains How to Verify Your Locksmith

  • Licensed – Locksmith licensure and accreditation varies according to state, county and city laws and regulations. In Oregon, Locksmith Bend technicians must be licensed by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) in accordance with HB 3127 passed in 2009 by the Oregon State Legislature. The CCB performs criminal background checks on all locksmith applicants and requires them to pay application, testing, and certification fees and pass a rigorous exam before awarding an Oregon locksmith license.
  • Bonded — A bonding company guarantees that if anything goes wrong with the locksmith’s work, the customer will be reimbursed. A bond is basically a form of insurance for a locksmith’s customers.  As a bonded locksmith company, Locksmith Bend is concerned for the safety of our clients’ property — if anything should happen to the customer’s property as a result of our work, the customer will be compensated.
  • Insured — An insurance company backs locksmiths via general insurance that covers accidental damage to both property and life and limb of the locksmith’s employees and clients. Locksmith Bend is properly insured to protect our technicians and clients in the event of unfortunate accidents on the job.
  • Locksmith Bend encourages customers to ask to see licenses and other forms of ID and accreditation before engaging the services of a local locksmith. A bonded, insured locksmith technician should always have documentation. While word-of-mouth referrals may be a good indication of a locksmith’s work, second-hand references are no substitute for professional licensure and certification. Licenses and bonding accreditations will protect you and your property. Even in emergency situations, you should always ask to see a Locksmith Bend or other technician’s professional documentation. A bonafide professional locksmith will be prepared to show proof of ID, licensure and insurance on site and your quick request should not delay your service.

Locksmith Bend Shares FTC Tips on Selecting a Quality Locksmith

When you’re in a lockout or lost key crisis, you may not feel like you have the time to verify that the locksmith company you’re calling is legitimate and will provide you with fair, affordable service by licensed local professionals. At Locksmith Bend, we recommend this link to Federal Trade Commission’s tips on choosing a verified locksmith in your area.