Car Door Rekey

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As with commercial and residential locks, we are able to rekey the locks on cars and trucks as well.  While this is not nearly as common as other rekey jobs, car door rekey has its purposes. If you are looking for quality automotive lock rekey solutions, then know that the car door rekey technicians associated with Locksmith Bend operate on a 24 hour schedule.  We provide our services in and around Bend, including Sisters, Sunriver, Redmond, Mount Bachelor, La Pine, and Prineville, Oregon, anytime of the day and year that people require our professional assistance.

[box type=”info”]Why would I need to rekey my car door locks?[/box]

As mentioned previously, automotive lock rekey is not a commonly performed service but does have its place.  If you lost the key to your door locks (separate from your ignition key), then you can count on our car lock rekey team to fit all of your locks to match one door key.  If you have damaged your locks and are looking to repair them or replace them all together, please know that your lock rekey team has all the necessary parts to do this on site and in one visit!

[box type=”info”]What about the other locks in my car?[/box]

Here at Locksmith Bend, we often joke that if there is a lock, it can be picked.  If it can’t be picked, it can be rekeyed.  There are many consoles within the interior of vehicles, and some of these, depending on the make, model & year, have locking mechanisms (center consoles, glove compartments, jewelry boxes, even the one containing the jack and be locked).  More often than not, these locks are damaged and need to be repaired.  However, if you lost your only means to access these locks (usually one master key), then you need to have the locks rekeyed or replaced.  Typically, rekey is cheaper, and that does not require you to have locks on your car that are not made my the manufactuer.  Let Locksmith Bend be the one to rekey any car locks and car doors that you need to have rekeyed!

Remember all of our services are backed by a 90 day guarantee!