Locksmith Prices For Locksmith Bend

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Locksmith Bend charges $29 for a standard service call (the cost of sending a technician to your location) and charges additional fees for each task that our technicians perform. We created this page to provide our customers with basic starting locksmith prices for our most popular locksmith services. Please take a moment to educate yourself on our starting prices before making your decision. The list below contains our most common locksmith service requests but we offer many more locksmith services, 24/7. Please note that our rates do not change based on the time of day or night, and we never charge by the hour.

Locksmith Prices

  • Car lockout price starts at $35+
  • Car key replacement price starts at $89+
  • Car ignition lock repair/replace prices start at $119+
  • Car broken key extract price starts at $69+
  • Home lockout price starts at $35+
  • Home lock change price per lock starts at $25+
  • Home lock rekey price per lock starts at $19+
  • Business lockout price starts at $35+
  • Business locks rekey price starts at $35+
  • Business lock replacement price starts at $35+

Again, please be aware that these locksmith prices are starting prices and may not reflect the actual cost of the locksmith service provided. To find out the exact cost for your specific situation, be sure to contact us at (541) 316-5625 or fill out the contact form on this page and send it to us with as many details as you can possibly include to help us give you the most accurate estimate.