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Locksmith Bend is a trusted, certified locksmith service provider in Bend, OR.  We also operate locally in Bend’s surrounding suburbs, including Redmond, Sunriver, La Pine, Sisters and many more!  Lock replacement, repair, and re key services are among the most requested jobs.  Therefore, automotive, residential, and commercial locksmiths under our employment have been fully trained to work with and install even the most complex and secure locks (typically these are high security commercial locks or biometrics systems).

Change Locks, Repair & Rekey Services

Lock Replacement Solutions – Business

Is your business as safe and secure as you envision it to be?  When was the last time the locks were replaced or serviced?  Is the security of your business up to the standards of your insurance policy?  These are all common questions that regularly drift through the minds of business owners.  However, now might be the time to entertain the idea by calling your trusted locksmith service provider.

If you are looking to upgrade your locks, then have a technician from Locksmith Bend come by today!  Our locksmiths carry state of the art, brand name locks and tools.  Our commercial locks can increase the security of your business, so you will not have to worry about your property anymore! Every commercial entity that we serve is encouraged to take advantage of our free security consultation.  This includes comprehensive lock and security evaluation with no extra cost to you!  After the assessment, our technicians will let you know if there are steps you should take to further increase your security or if your business already has the security measures it deserves.

If you have experienced a recent break-in, it is highly recommend you contact your local locksmith as soon as possible.  Have a qualified technician swing by to fully examine the premises.  Is your lock broken?  We can repair it for you, but it might be time for a security upgrade.  Preventative action is always recommended when it comes to the safety of your business.

We typically only recommend our commercial re key services for clients who have misplaced keys.  Are you worried that the key to your business has quite literally fallen into the wrong hands?  Perhaps, a disgruntled, former employee still has access to the building.  Commercial locks can be expensive, and why replace a perfectly in tact lock?  On the other hand, our commercial locksmith team can replace the tumblers inside the lock cylinder itself, thus preventing any former keys from triggering the mechanism that opens the lock!  We will provide new keys on the spot.

Lock Replacement Solutions – Residential

We offer the same change locks services to our residential clients that we offer to our business ones.  As with businesses, if your home has been recently burglarized, we highly recommend you calling Locksmith Bend to have us determine the security level of your home.  We can repair or replace any broken locks that you have, as well have make any necessary upgrades.  We provide brand name, residential locks, and our residential technicians are fully equipped to install, repair, or replace deadbolts as well.

We only recommend re keying your locks if a former housemate or tenant still has access to the place of residence.  This renders the old key ineffective without going through the hassle of changing a perfectly good lock!  As with our commercial customers, if you take advantage of any of our quality, residential locksmith services, we are prepared to fully evaluate the security of your home.  Nothing is more important than the safety of your loved ones.  It is better to get the security you need before you need it.

Lock Repair Solutions – Automotive

Most of our automotive services can be categorized into the lockout service, ignition repair service, or the key replacement service.  However, there is a time and place for trunk and door lock repair as well.  (We can even repair the locks inside the car too, i.e. the lock on the glove box).  If any of the locks on your car are becoming more of a hassle, then let Locksmith Bend help you today!

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